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Pack & Play

Starting At:   $2.63 /day

A pack and play is an easy way to cover play and sleep in one piece of gear!  Rent Baby Tech offers a variety of pack and plays ready to deliver.  Make sure to include a toy or book bundle, ask your RBT concierge for recommendations and availability.

Please note that manufacturer recommendations limit the max weight of 25-30lbs depending on the model, please advise your RBT concierge if your little one is approaching that limit so we can select or recommend proper equipment



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Make traveling or creating a safe play space for your little one a breeze with a convenient Pack and Play rental from Rent Baby Tech! Perfect for vacations, visiting family, or simply needing a temporary safe haven for your baby, our Pack and Play provides a familiar and comfortable spot for naps, playtime, or diaper changes.

Here’s why you’ll love renting a Pack and Play from Rent Baby Tech:

  • Convenience: We deliver and pick up the Pack and Play straight to your doorstep, saving you the hassle of storage and transportation.
  • Cleanliness: All rental equipment is thoroughly sanitized after each use for your baby’s safety.
  • Versatility: Our Pack and Play features a bassinet for newborns, a spacious playard for older babies, and a detachable changing table for ultimate convenience.
  • Safety: Our Pack and Play meets the highest safety standards to ensure your baby’s well-being.

Renting a Pack and Play is perfect for:

  • Traveling with your baby: Provide a safe and familiar sleep space for your little one, whether you’re staying at a hotel, visiting family, or enjoying a weekend getaway.
  • Needing a temporary play area: Creating a designated play space for your baby is easy with a Pack and Play. Perfect for grandparents’ houses, playdates, or simply sectioning off an area in your own home.
  • Short-term use: No need to spend a fortune on baby gear you’ll only use for a short period. Renting a Pack and Play is a cost-effective solution for occasional needs.

Rent Baby Tech offers competitive rental rates and flexible rental periods to suit your needs. Browse our selection and reserve your Pack and Play today!