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Co-Host a Baby Gear Cleaning Event with Rent Baby Tech in Los Angeles

Do you operate an indoor playground, kids clothing / gear store, or otherwise have parents of young children as your clientele?  Are you looking for innovative ways to attract new customers and boost your social media with fresh content? Partner with Rent Baby Tech to co-host a baby gear cleaning event!

Partnering with RBT helps you:

  • Expand Your Reach & Attract New Customers: This event attracts families who may not be familiar with your business. Rent Baby Tech’s customers are largely parents of very young kids and may are first time parents.  

  • Generate Fresh Social Media Buzz: Its an exciting event that parents get to benefit from. RBT will collaborate with you to promote the event, generating excitement and positive social media buzz for both your business and RBT. This translates to valuable free content for your social media channels, showcasing your commitment to the local family community.

  • Motivate Extended Visits: While parents have their baby gear cleaned by RBT professionals, they’ll have valuable free time to explore your business at their leisure. Turn around starts at 15 minutes but depending on traffic can reach up to an hour.

How the Event Works:

  • RBT will provide professional on-site cleaning services for various baby gear items, including car seats, strollers, and high chairs. Electrical access is highly recommended. 

  • We will collaborate on a marketing plan to ensure the event’s success, reaching out to local parents through various channels.

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