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Travel Stroller

Starting At:   $2.00 /day

The fastest way to get in and out is with a travel stroller.  Whether its a quick trip to the mall or all day at a theme park a travel stroller is the best way to get around quickly.

Choose the premium upgrade to the best materials, features, and appearance.



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Need a stroller you can carry in one arm with a toddler in the other?  Quick and easy, out of the car and on the move in just a few minutes. No matter what your need Rent Baby Tech has you covered with a huge selection of travel strollers.  Each has been thoroughly cleaned, tested, maintained, and in some cases repaired by our skilled staff.  If you have a specific request for brand or feature please be sure to discuss with your Rent Baby Tech representative to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

The standard travel strollers will come from our available collection of brands:

  • Kolcraft
  • UPPAbaby – G-Luxe
  • Summer Infact

If you’re looking to take a familiar stroller out, or maybe you want to try it out in the real world before you purchase new, our premium upgrade includes the following brands:

  • UPPAbaby – Minu
  • Nuna
  • Yoyo

While these are the most common brands we stock we have many options depending on your location and availability.  If you are looking for something specific please review options with your RBT agent

At Rent Baby Tech we know how important your littles one’s health and safety is. We take pride in our ability to clean and sanitize all products to the highest degree possible.

Using manufacturer recommended cleaning and maintenance procedures you can rest assured that your Travel Stroller is going to arrive in excellent condition, sanitized and ready for use.

While we strive to provide the best possible rental options we don’t always have all the right accessories to suite your needs.  Almost every stroller will include a cup holder but storage bags, snack trays, car seat adaptors, ride along boards, and other similar products are not always available.  If you have some specific needs for one of these items please be sure to speak with your Rent Baby Tech representative to ensure you are satisfied with your rental experience.