SNOO is back in stock! Book a stroller or car seat cleaning today, get the goldfish out!

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SNOO Deep Clean and Repair

Starting At:   $89.00 /day

If your SNOO has seen better days or just needs a quick cleanup Rent Baby Tech can help.  Select a pickup date and we will whisk your SNOO away to our facility or schedule a repair while you wait.

Basic Clean: $89
– Vacuum, clean, and sanitize the bassinet and inner ring where most dirt and barf ends up.
Tune Up: $179 – Basic Clean + remove rocking plate to assess and repair any damaged mechanical components.  Also includes clean up vacuum of SNOO interior.
The Works: $299 – Tune Up + net removal for stain treatment, hole repair, depilling, redye netting white, and restore the inner net stretch.

While some repairs are very common on the SNOO Rent Baby Tech prefers the thorough approach.  Our diagnostic fee is $89 to open the SNOO and provide an estimate for complete repair.  Upon approval this fee is automatically applied towards you total repair cost.

RBT has no relationship with Happiest Baby company, all service are warrantied through Rent Baby Tech.



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Has your SNOO been sitting in a garage for a few years?  Did your little one really make a mess this time?  We’ve got you covered.

We clean and fix hundreds of SNOOs a year and now we are offering you the opportunity to take advantage of our skills.  If you’re seeing any of these issues we can help bring it back to 100%

  • Excessive dirt, debris or soiling in unreachable areas
  • Biological contamination
  • Inconsistent rocking
  • Low or no audio
  • Clips not engaged error
  • Creaking or other mechanical sounds

Your RBT representative will provide a thorough evaluation and may recommend deeper cleaning or repair services for your approval.  Please allow up to 48 hours for disassembly, diagnosis, and evaluation.

Pickup and delivery is available at an additional cost.  Within 30 miles of our office in North Hollywood is $40 flat rate then $4/mile after 30 miles.

Note that there are no official or approved cleaning / repair services for the SNOO by Happiest Baby.  We work hard to ensure we use at least the same quality replacement parts as used by Happiest Baby.  Rent Baby Tech has no relationship with Happiest Baby.